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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your design process?

A: The initial consultation is complimentary. The designer will meet with you at your home and take measurements, and an inventory of your items, discuss your needs, and may be able to give you a ballpark estimate. If that estimate is acceptable to you, and you wish to have formal designs drawn, a design fee is requested at that time. Design Deposits average anywhere from $25 to $200, sometimes higher, based on the complexity of the designs. If you decide to contract us, the amount of that fee will be applied to your balance. The design deposit covers the time and expertise used in creating the designs for you but does not entitle you to ownership of the designs. After your initial meeting, we will invite you to the showroom to see all of the options of hardware & finishes. At this meeting, you will review your designs and sign your agreement. Once you have signed your agreement, a 50% deposit is requested to order your materials.

Q: How much will my closet/storage solution cost?

A: There is really no easy answer to this one. The cost of your unique solution depends on many factors like area size, material, color/finish, and special features. We design solutions to fit any budget. Contact us for a Complimentary Consultation and we will work with you to create a solution that fits your storage needs, space and budget.

Q: What kind of materials do you use?

A: We work with a wide range of high quality materials. They include:

Ventilated Wire Shelving, Melamine, High Pressure Laminate, Thermo-foil, Fine Wood Cabinetry, Granite, Solid Surfaces, StoreWALLTM, Wood Slat-wall, profiled doors and moldings, as well as pantry roll-outs and numerous accessories such as Jewelry cabinets, locked two-level jewelry drawers, ironing board pullouts, and wall safes just to mention a few.

Please check out our Materials Gallery  for more information.

Q: Isn’t solid wood better than veneer on particle board or Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF)?

A: Although it might be a surprise, particleboard or MDF is superior to solid wood when it comes to the construction of cabinets and furniture. The problem with solid wood is that it is unstable; expanding, contracting, and warping unpredictably depending on environmental factors such as humidity and temperature. 
Particle board, and MDF on the other hand, are very stable despite changes in temperature and humidity, allowing us to build you a cabinet that will remain square and function perfectly year round. For this reason, almost all of the “Real Wood Cabinetry” built today is constructed from particleboard with a wood veneer, using solid wood for certain areas such as doors, drawers, moldings, and counter tops.

Q: How do you deal with existing structures and fixtures in the target area?

A: We generally design around them, or if it is in your plans to do some remodeling, we’ll suggest ways you can change the area to make the best use of your space. We also offer a service to review your architectural plans prior to construction so that we can troubleshoot for small deficiencies you might have missed.

Q: Do your designers have the experience to handle my storage project?

A: In our more than 40 years, we’ve worked with over 21,000 customers. Virtually every design is unique and specifically created with that customer in mind. This experience enables us to help you find the storage space solution that is just right for you.

Q: Is my closet too small for you to look at?

A: Absolutely not. If you have limited storage space, you have an even greater need for a Creative Closets storage makeover.

Q: How long will my initial consultation be?

A: Your initial consultation will be about 2 hours. Several important things happen during this consultation. First, we review your needs and put together a detailed inventory of all the items you intend to store in each area. Then, we take exact measurements of the target areas with a laser-measuring device and compile “ballpark estimates” for you. Next, we take time to review the estimates and solution options with you, explaining the pro’s and con’s of each option and answering your questions, so you can make an informed decision before moving ahead to the detailed design phase.

Q: How long will it take you to complete my project?

A: We are able to begin most jobs 4-8 weeks after a signed job agreement. Installations normally begin within four weeks of agreeing on the final design. Typically, we complete your installation in one to seven days, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Some unusual solutions and exotic materials, and special finishes require a bit more time, but are worth the wait.

Q: Can you complete a project more quickly in a crisis situation?

A: Sometimes we receive calls from people in crisis: Maybe it is just prior to moving into new construction, or their current closet system collapsed, etc. The request is usually, “I have an emergency situation. Can you get a unit designed and installed this week?” In emergency situations, we will do our best to help you out. But, our policy is to honor our commitment to each and every customer. If we stopped working on your project, put you on hold for a week or two while we took care of emergency cases, we would not be honoring our commitment to you.

Q: Are storage units attached to the wall?

A: We can build whatever type of unit best meets your need including units that are hung on the wall, those that rest on the floor and are attached to the wall, as well as freestanding pieces of furniture that don’t need to be fastened to any surface.

Q: Do you put backing on your systems?

A: We build cabinets both with and without backs, the choice is yours. However, we’ll give you advice on where it is not needed and where it is advisable. For example, if your unit is hung on the wall, backing is only needed to cover up wall imperfections or to give you a more finished look. Freestanding pieces on the other hand may require backing to provide rigidity and support.

Q: If I install new carpeting, do you go in before or after the carpet is installed?

A: We can do either.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. You may also pay by cash or check.