We would like to build a closet on an entire wall in our master bedroom, any ideas?

What a wonderful idea to designate a whole wall for all of your personal storage needs. Your first decision of course will be on which wall to design your closet. Draw a floor plan of your master bedroom using an alternate wall on which to build your closet. Consider the placement of the furniture in the bedroom to allow easy access to everything.

Any closet built to house hanging clothes must be at least 24″ deep. Areas for double hanging must be at least 84″ high. A closet can be built with 2 x 4’s and drywall or a custom laminated freestanding wall system can be designed to meet all of your needs. One advantage to a laminated closet is that when you move you can take it with you, laminated doors will keep your storage areas enclosed.

Built-in drawers easily take the place of your current dresser drawers. A pull-out hamper unit will hide a removable hamper basket behind closed doors. Jewelry can be stored in a velvet-lined jewelry drawer with small compartments to organize all of your jewelry.

Be creative when you cross obstacles. Designing and building a unit around a door or window looks great and will add a focal point to your room. A window seat placed under a window will give you additional storage and can become a nice cozy area to hide away and read.

Ideas for your new closet are endless. Be sure to consider all of your storage needs when designing your new storage area Creative Closets, Ltd can assist you in this task. Your new closet will not only add beauty to your master bedroom but will meet all of your storage needs as well.

Consult Creative Closets for assistance in organizing your china closet and storage needs.