We remove our shoes when we enter our home; any hints on organizing them?

First, determine the most common way you and our family enter your home; if you have a garage attached to your home, that may be the spot, or the most frequent access may be through the front or rear door.

Next, decide in which area you can organize those shoes. An area in the garage, mud closet, or washer-dryer area may be suitable for storing your shoes. Count the number of shoes needed to store in this area. Don’t keep all the shoes in that space, just the shoes most often worn.

After finding an area and counting the shoes that needed to be stored there, measure the width of the broadest pair of shoes to determine how wide to make the shelves. Slanted white ventilated steel shelves can organize your shoes, allow easy visibility, and allow air to circulate, causing your shoes and boots to dry quickly.

Solid laminated adjustable shelves can also hold shoes easily and allow you to adjust them up and down. Another excellent idea is a shoe rack mounted on the back of the door or a wall in the garage near the home’s entrance.

Creative Closets can custom design a shoe storage unit specifically for your needs. Call us, and let us help you start getting organized.

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