What are some hints for organizing a closet for a handicapped person?

An organized closet or storage area for a handicapped person can make life much easier. This will give you the ability to reach most of the items in your closet without difficulty.

Start by determining the needs of the person you are organizing this closet. Consider the height to which this person can reach. It may be helpful to use any difficult-to-reach area for out-of-season items or things not used frequently. Pull-down rods give easy access to clothes hung high in the closet. Be sure to allow adequate space for both long-hanging and short-hanging garments.

Slanted shoe shelves are ideal for organizing your shoes up off the floor. This will allow you to see and reach them easily. Drawers or wire bins will be helpful in storing socks, undergarments, sweaters & accessories. One advantage of open bins is that you can easily see what is in each bin without opening it.

A closet carousel, similar to machines used by a dry cleaner, is another helpful idea. They vary in size to fit into a 4’x6′ walk-in closet or larger. With the push of a button, your wardrobe now comes to you.

Creative Closets, Ltd.’s expert design staff can help you organize this and all of your storage areas. A personal customized closet will be designed specifically for your needs and can make an excellent gift for a friend or family member. Give us a call today!