What Are Some Hints for a Laundry Chute?

A laundry chute is a beautiful, effortless way to direct laundry from the upper floors of a home down to the laundry area below. Ideally, laundry chutes should be located in a central area of the home so everybody can access it.

Laundry chutes can be made out of various materials. Plywood, sheet aluminum, or 18″ diameter furnace heating duct are excellent materials for this area. Consider the placement of your laundry chute while still in the blueprint stages of your new home or addition.

When designing your laundry chute, be sure that the opening of the chute is high enough off of the floor so that it doesn’t intrigue children. The opening of the chute should be a maximum of 12″ square. Placing a childproof lock on the door is an important safety feature.

Design a particular area at the bottom of your chute to catch your dirty laundry. A stackable wire basket system works very well. Place a solid shelf on top of the basket system, which will allow you an area to place the bin that will be catching all of the laundry. Sorting the laundry can be done in the bins below. When you have filled a basket, you know it’s time to do the laundry.

The advantages achieved by using this system are fantastic. You will no longer have to carry your laundry down numerous steps to the laundry area, and you will never have to sort your laundry on the floor again. We hope you enjoy your new laundry chute and your organized laundry area.