My husband is 6’4″ and I am 5’2″. We need some help in organizing our closet!

Closets are a very personal thing. If you share a closet with someone with a considerable height difference, consider the following hints when reorganizing your closet.

The standard placement of a double hanging rod is 42 and 64 inches from the floor. The ideal height for reaching this area is 5’7″ to 6’0″. A shelf and rod placed 72 inches from the floor will take care of your long-hanging needs and allow you space underneath for a slanted shoe shelf.

When double hanging an area for a person over six feet tall the top shelf and rod should be placed 88 to 90 inches from the floor and the lower rod 45 inches from the floor. A person less than 5’6″ will be comfortable if the rods are placed 40 and 80 inches from the floor.

Hanging slacks by the cuff takes up more space than folding them over the hanger. To determine where to place the rods for your long hanging slacks, measure the length of a pair of pants and include the neck of the hangar.

Shoes should always be kept under your hanging wardrobe or in an area of their own. With slanted shoe shelves or solid adjustable shelves, all of your shoes can be easily seen and accessed. Shoe shelves should be the correct size to take care of each specific shoe size.

Creative Closets can work with you to custom design a closet to fit your needs. Remember that a closet is very personal, so be sure it is made as efficient as possible.

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