Could you please give me some hints for my attic?

If you are fortunate enough to have an attic that can be used for extra storage, be sure that 3/4″ plywood is placed across the floor joists to act as your storage surface. You may want to insulate your attic now and add an exhaust fan for proper ventilation.

Access to your attic is very important. If your only access is through a ceiling crawl space you may consider installing a ceiling hatch with a fold-down ladder. Better yet is a large entrance with a permanent ladder or stairway.

If your attic is very large and can be used completely for storage, arrange all your articles and boxes around the walls. If your entire attic cannot be used completely for storage, section off part of it. Place a rod across the rafters to hang garments. These garments should be hung in garment bags with lemon-scented closet fresheners to control moths and mildew. Shelving can be installed in your attic to keep things off the floor and to allow you extra storage space. Whatever storage systems you use, make sure that things are well labeled to make locating something easier.

Keep things organized by storing similar items together. Large bulky items can be stored near the high roof line. A closet can be built to store extra hanging if desired. Remember to make that closet twenty-four inches deep for hanging clothes comfortably. Another alternative is a walk-in cedar closet in the center of your attic which will utilize space and protect your clothes.

You may not be in your attic too frequently, but we hope these organizing tips will make those trips pleasant. Creative Closets’ expert design staff will be happy to assist you in organizing your attic.