What are some ideas on incorporating drawers into my closet?

Designing drawers in a closet is a very space-efficient idea. Eliminating dressers in a bedroom can create a more spacious feeling and allow you to create a more comfortable living area.

Custom-designed built-in drawers can be made specifically to accommodate all of your storage needs. Standard dresser drawers are normally 3-6 inches deep and 13-16 inches from front to back. Custom-designed laminate drawers can be made and built to any size. Drawers 8 inches deep and 20 inches from front to back are an ideal drawer size. Sweaters fit very nicely within a nice deep drawer. Drawers should not be made any deeper than 10 inches.

Dividing the drawers with adjustable dividers is a great way to organize socks, undergarments, and other accessories. Shallow drawers can be designed to store handkerchiefs or scarves. Velvet-lined jewelry inserts can also be placed in the drawer to store your jewelry. A lock can be placed on the drawer to ensure safekeeping.

Creative Closets can custom design and build any size laminate drawer to fit your specific needs. One of our expert design consultants can meet with you to organize all your needs, give us a call.