How can I organize all my ties and belts?

Ties, belts, and scarves are often very disorganized because people do not have an efficient way to store them. One may have 75 ties and use only one tie rack made to hold 24 ties. Ties hung over a hanger cause confusion when searching for a tie and may leave you picking them up off the floor. Belt rings are often used to hold belts. Unfortunately, you may have to remove all of the belts from the ring in order to get the one you are in search of.

In organizing your ties and belts it is important to keep them all together. Do not store your ties scattered throughout your closet. Consolidate your ties into one special area and your belts into one specific area. Ties can easily be stored within the short hanging area of your closet and belts within the long hanging area. Ties and belts do not have to take up two feet of wall space to be stored correctly. You can store the same amount in 3-4″ hanging space.

You may choose to store your rolled-up belts and scarves in a shallow drawer or basket in your closet. An ideal size drawer for this purpose would be 4″ deep so things do not get lost. The back of your closet door, if usable, can be used to store your ties and belts.

When you start this new phase of organization, consider organizing your whole closet at one time. Various materials are available for organizing your closet. White ventilated steel shelving can be used as well as solid laminated materials. Both of these materials create a beautiful closet. Special racks are designed using these materials to store your ties and belts. These racks can hang on a slant facing you or slide out to allow a full view of these accessories and allow for each accessibility.

Organizing your ties and belts in your closet may be the first step to organizing your closet. This will certainly save you time in the morning, time usually used by searching for those items. Enjoy organizing your ties and belts.