There are no closets in my new home, can you help?

Years ago homes were built with little or no closet space because a closet was then considered a room and taxes were paid per room in your home. Wardrobes and armoires were used to store most garments and hooks could be found in every room.

You have many options in a home with no closets. If space is available, building a closet may be your best bet. Simply build this closet off of an existing wall. A freestanding closet can be custom-designed and built to meet all of your needs without the fuss and mess of building a closet. A freestanding wall system may be added at any time and taken with you when you move.

If you are without a closet near the entrance to your home, you may choose from the above ideas. Add a coat tree or some hooks onto a wall for storage. The negative about hooks and coat trees is that they tend to accumulate garments and look cluttered. This can be an unattractive sight.

Closet space may still be insufficient so consider keeping sweaters, tee shirts, golf shirts, or other foldable items in a dresser or armoire. Ideally, a newly organized closet will help you store your hanging garments and possibly help you unclutter your existing drawer space.

Before you attempt this task of adding closets to your old home get some expert advice from Creative Closets, Ltd. We can help you determine what would be best for you and help you on your road to organization.