I just moved and have many pictures to hang up. Can you give me some ideas?

Deciding where and how to hang pictures is a challenging task. If you are starting, maybe consulting an interior decorator would help. Interior decorators can help with the placement and execute that plan. They can also be consulted if you decide this is not a chore you want to handle yourself.

If you have chosen to do this yourself, start with a plan. Break this plan down into individual rooms. Distribute your pictures and various pieces of artwork throughout your home. Lay the pictures flat on the floor in front of the wall you are considering. Take cardboard or paper and cut out templates to represent each picture. Now, put a small piece of tape on the back of each template and arrange them on your wall. This will give you a better visual idea of your wall’s appearance.

When you are ready to hang your pictures, use the correct hardware designed to hold them. When hardwiring your wall, put a small masking tape to mark your spot, then drill into the tape. This will prevent the wall from chipping.

If you hang pictures onto the wallpaper area, cut a “V” into the paper, lift the flap, and then insert the hardware. This will allow you to remove the hardware and glue the “V” back down to the wall so you will never know it existed.

Creative Closets would like to wish you luck organizing your pictures.