What are some ideas for organizing socks?

Socks are tough to keep in order. Finding that “other” sock can be as difficult as finding that “other” shoe in the closet.

Start by removing all of the socks currently in your drawer. Any socks that do not have a partner should be moved to the rag bin. Divide your paired socks by color before returning them to your sock drawer. If you have sporty socks, you may choose to keep these and bulkier socks in a separate drawer.

Storing socks in a wire drawer system will allow you to see into each bin without opening the drawer. Fold socks in half and stack them side by side so they are easily visible and accessible. Do not roll socks and fold over the end; this will only stretch your socks out of shape.

Socks and all your other needs can be stored in your existing closet. Allow Creative Closets, Ltd. expert design staff to meet with you and start you on your road to organization.

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