I am very disorganized and have a very small closet, do you think there is hope for me?

Have no fear, there is hope for you. The organization itself is our actual goal. If we can help you organize certain parts of your life such as your closets, garage, and office, it can often lead to a very organized person. The first step is deciding that you want to get control of this situation.

If you have a small closet, then it is ideal to maximize that space. Design your closet as you would all your closets, by being space efficient. Small closets need attention too! Upper and lower hanging an area can actually double your hanging space.

When reorganizing your small closet, consider allowing all your closets to work together. Organizing even a small closet can be the start of an organized person.

Organizing children should be done right from the start. Allow them a place to store all their things. It is important to give children reachable hanging space and shelves to store all their toys. It is unfair to reprimand a child for not putting things away if they have no reachable place to put things.

Remember that your closet is one thing you normally have to deal with on a daily basis. Looking into your closet in the morning, even if it is small, should not be a frustrating event. A great way to start your day is by opening the doors to an organized closet.

We hope that this article has inspired you to become more organized. Organization starts in the closet, but it never ends. Beware Organization is addictive, it can change your life.