What are some organizing ideas for the sports equipment in our garage?

Sports equipment in a garage can often end up very disorganized and difficult to find. The following hints will help you find a place for everything.

First, go through your garage and eliminate anything that you no longer use or need. Make a list of all the sports items you would like to store in your garage. You may keep your skis and ski accessories, bicycles, baseball and tennis equipment, basketballs, and yard games just to name a few. You must designate one specific area of your garage to store this equipment.

Special storage racks are available to store much of your sports equipment. A heavy-duty steel ski rack will store your skis vertically along with a pair of boots and poles. Tennis rackets and accessories can also be kept on a specially designed-storage rack.

Rackets can also be hung from hooks or stored in a custom-designed unit that will hold them vertically and individually.

Bicycles can be hung from the ceiling joists or from hooks off of the side wall. Basketballs, soccer balls and other similar pieces of equipment can be stored on an upward-slanted shelf, to eliminate rolling.

Wire drawer systems work well for storing small items. Yard games, toys for the sandbox and other games can be stored in this system. When recreation time comes, roll the entire system out into the yard and back into the garage when you are finished using it.

Sports equipment should be as organized as the rest of your home. Creative Closets’ expert designers can help you in any phase or organization, give us a call but beware… organization is addictive, and it will change your life!!!