What are some hints for organizing a work/office area in my kitchen?

First, consider what you plan to do in this new work area. If you plan to do hobbies in this area, such as sewing, flower arranging, and art projects, plan accordingly. Write down exactly what will be necessary for you in this area. Now, let’s start working.

Decide on what area in your kitchen will be best able to suit your needs. If flower arranging or art is your hobby, having a sink nearby may be necessary. Allow adequate storage for all the accessories needed in your hobby or work area. Drawer storage or storage behind closed doors will also allow you ample storage and a finished outward appearance.

Designing a desktop in this area will be perfect for cutting coupons, paying bills, and looking for that great recipe. Design a file drawer in this area to organize all of your bills. If you plan to spend a fair amount of time here, keeping a phone close by will save you time and keep you close to your work.

When designing this newly organized space in your kitchen, always keep your needs in mind. You will be spending many hours here, so your needs should be filled. Enjoy your new work area!