What are some creative kitchen hang up areas?

Overcrowded countertops can use up much of the valuable work area in your kitchen. Utilizing the unused space on ceilings, walls, and cabinet interiors will add extra storage space to your kitchen.

Hanging items throughout your kitchen is one way to gain extra storage space. When you are deciding exactly where to hang items in your kitchen, remember that most items that you are hanging will be easily seen. For a more organized effect, group items according to their function, shape or size.

Hanging hooks from the ceiling or walls to display pots and pans will certainly free up cabinet space. Storage racks hung from walls or cabinet interiors will double your storage space. Be sure to use the correct hardware capable of supporting the weight of the items that will be stored.

Vinyl-coated wall grids allow for a variety of storage possibilities. Accessories to these grids include detachable baskets, adjustable hooks, and storage bins. You might hang kitchen utensils, cookware or even paperware from this rack. The ventilated appearance allows for an open look throughout your kitchen.

Hanging items in your kitchen can be a real space saver. It sure will show guests how creative you are in utilizing your storage space.