I would like to turn a bedroom into a closet. Any ideas?

If you have an extra room in your home and have limited closet space, turning that room into a closet is a great idea. This will save you the expense of putting an addition onto your home because of insufficient closet space.

First, decide which room you can use for your new closet. Next, list everything you want to keep in this area. You may store extra blankets, pillows, and out-of-season garments here.

Consider the obstacles you may cross in this room when planning your new space. Windows and doors must be considered so that the exterior appearance of your home is not affected. Be aware of heaters, radiators, light switches, and outlets to access them easily.

If this room is wider than ten feet, a freestanding island can be built to store shoes or sweaters. This will ideally maximize your new-found space. Place a mirror on the end of this island facing the door so you can dress comfortably in this area.

Creative Closets’ expert design staff can assist you with this change right from the start. They will determine your needs, measure your space and custom design a creative closet. Now that you have decided to make this change, use this space wisely.