I have a very small pantry and would like to know some options for gaining more space.

Pantry space is very important in organizing your kitchen and eliminating a great deal of clutter from your cabinets. Space in your pantry as well as all of your storage area should be designed to maximize all of the space.

The simplest solution may be to reorganize your existing pantry with solid adjustable shelves. Add wire pull-out bins, and you have storage for potatoes and onions. A solid top on the system always gives you that extra work surface when the bin system is pulled out to the kitchen.

It may be time to plan and reorganize your entire kitchen. Remember that everything must work together. An organized pantry works wonderfully when your cabinets are organized.

Utilize as much space for your pantry as possible. Pull-out pantry racks are available for the interior of your pantry in various sizes. Build your pantry as as high as possible, things used infrequently can be stored in that area.

Don’t forget your door when organizing your pantry. A swing door is the best type of door to have in any closet. Pantry storage racks work great on door interiors and also for small areas within your pantry. Hooks on the back of the door can hold aprons and accessories for the kitchen.

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