What are some organizing hints for a storage shed?

A storage shed may be the solution to some of your storage problems. If you are planning on building a storage shed first consult your local zoning board to ensure that you abide by all the proper codes for your area.

A storage shed should be at least 6 feet wide and 4 to 6 feet deep. A wide door opening is very important for easy access to your stored items. Most storage sheds should be placed on 4 x 4 treated skids of lumber to prevent materials from deteriorating.

Vinyl-coated steel shelving is perfect to use in organizing your storage shed. The ventilated shelving will allow great air circulation which will eliminate mildew and that “musty” smell. This type of material will not warp or rust.

Keep everything off of the floor in your storage shed. Available floor space can be used for heavy equipment such as wheel barrels and lawnmowers. If you have hinged doors that swing out, install storage racks on the back of the door for additional storage space.

We hope that these organizing hints will help to make better use of the space in your shed. Consult your local storage shed builder who specializes in building these storage units. Creative Closets, Ltd. can help you organize the inside. Space used unwisely is worthless.