Are window seats a good idea?

Window seats aren’t just for curling up with a good book. The space beneath a window seat is a great source for concealing a storage area, and it looks beautiful.

Window seats are either “built-in” or “built-out”. Built-in window seats are usually done during the construction stage of a home or during remodeling. Build-out window seats can easily be built out of the existing space beneath a window. A built-out unit can be designed and continued over the wall for more storage and a “built-in” appearance.

Access to your new storage area can be accomplished in numerous ways. One way would be to design the unit with a lid or hinged seat, giving you access through the top of the unit. Drawers can be built under the seat giving you very easy access to stored items by just pulling the drawers out. Doors can be built on the front of the unit for front access. Consider the appearance of the rest of the door when designing this unit.

Hiding a laundry chute in a window seat is a great idea. A hinged door on the top of the unit will give you access to the chute. Place a child-proof lock on the door to prevent any accidents.

Creative Closet’s Ltd. can custom design a window seat to fit all of your needs. Call us for a complimentary consultation. Enjoy your new storage area and your beautiful reading nook.