The appearance of my bookcase is very disorganized, any ideas to help me?

Bookcases, wall units, and other outstanding storage areas can often end up looking very cluttered and disorganized. They do not have to appear this way and should be very orderly. The time you save by being organized is priceless. The following tips will help you in organizing this storage area.

Bookcases can be built to have various components. An open area to display books and knickknack is a nice way to display your interests and also allows you easy access to get what you want from this area. Part of the unit can include doors. This will enclose storage possibly for photo albums, loose papers, a television, and even the stereo.

Drawers in your bookcase will add to the appearance and give you added storage for table linens, and games and your children’s artwork can have its own special area. Slanted shelves are an interesting way to display magazines or books. Adjustable shelves are most important in this area to give you added flexibility.

Books are usually not the only thing that ends up on a bookcase. Stack things in different ways to make them interesting to your eye. Albums can be stacked lying down or standing upright. Break up a monotonous look by adding a vase, trophy, or an object that says something special about you. Utilize the space from floor to ceiling, chances are once a bookcase is there the space will not be used for anything else.

The way you display items on your bookcase will say a lot about how organized you are in general. The expert design consultants at Creative Closets are experts in utilizing space. Give them a call and let them organize you.